Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an artist invovled in  the Pop Art movement, a development of Modernism. Many of Warhol’s work is influenced by Modernism and it’s concepts. Warhol’s influence was everyday items that were not traditionally accepted as art. Many items Warhol took inspiration from were man-made, this reflects an influence from Modernism as many designs from Modernists were for mass production. ‘Marilyn Monroe Diptych’  was taken from newspaper clippings. At the time, Marilyn Monroe was at the peak of her career when she died in 1962. The repetition of the same image reflects how Monroe was always in the spotlight. The repetition also relates back to Modernism and mass production. The simplification of the three primary colours and the spillage of the colours (red lips, blue eyeshadow) on the left side of the canvas suggest how Monroe was exploited as a sex symbol by the media. The spillage of ink (second column) and the lack of ink (last column) on the right side of the canvas also suggests the exploitation of Monroe’s death.

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