Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is a British artist, she was part of the Young British Artists generation although she focused more on Feminist Art. Lucas’ work consists of discarded objects, collages and photography. She frequently used obscene humour and visual puns in her work to successfully convey messages.In this photograph, Lucas is challenging sexual stereotypes. Although by the ’90s, sexism had essentially died, due to women being accepted as equals to men. This was shown through the rise of women is employment. Lucas’ set is similar to a stereotypical kitchen from the 1960′s, with the checkered print floor and old-fashioned chair. Lucas’ masculine position, boyish clothes and harsh facial expression are humorously contrasted with the fried eggs located on Lucas’ breasts. Personally, i feel Lucas has successfully challenged common sexual steriotypes with this piece of work. The quirky purpose of the fried eggs is humourous and therfore creates more of an impact

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